Right Staffing

We analyze our clients talent requirements and take full responsibility for coordinating the entire contract workforce & channel them in the most cost-effective manner possible. From sourcing and evaluating candidates to HR processing and training, we provide the most comprehensive program management to help you meet your corporate goals.

Contract staffing

An excellent value added service policy that meets every technical staffing need a firm has. We have longstanding relationships with some of the industry's leading technologists with expertise in diverse industries ranging from business services, consumer goods, retail, health care, financial services, government and higher education, oil and gas, telecommunications, pharmaceutical and every industry in between.

Direct Staff Hiring

A sound, methodical & well devised hire policy based on three major points mentioned as below:

  • We ensure that quality time is allocated to listen, learn & establish client and position profiles, define the hiring process and determine critical timelines.
  • We identify, screen and qualify our candidates for technical competency, strategic fit and interest. We provide an executive summary and resume on each candidate, which gives insight into the candidate's relevant experience, personality and fit.
  • We set up all interviews and re-establish candidate's interest ensuring that they are committed.



  • Flexible, ideal & suits every job needs.
  • Cost-effective, Time-sensitive and assures the best of guarantee.
  • Vast talent database bank pool & techniques.
  • Ideal and satisfies both parties, that is, client & applicant candidate.