We, Cignus Corp, present selves as a top grade and professional manpower recruitment firm that is engaged in the recruitment of skilled and quality manpower. With a team of professionals at the helm, we remain well-equipped to meet your search for an able and stable recruitment firm. We have people on the board who are well experienced, trustworthy and sensible who will put you on the road to a dream career.

Recruitment is a difficult & a delicate art in today's market place and as such should be on the alert to pluck quality and skilled people from across the world to tame the demands that is demanding. Our thinking process is based on this approach, it remains simple, straight and to the point without betting out scope for prejudice or bias of any kind.

United States remains the favored destination for jobs among skilled people across the world. We are aware of the same and our policy ensure that the same happens to our patrons. Cignus Corp is a mirror of that and airlifts the best of minds to the country that is termed as a land of opportunities.

We think and look ahead to a future that seems to be lined with a web of twinkling stars and ally with people who feel and think like us. We look to enriching our partnership with existing clients and firming up new clients.

Skilful talent should not be wasted, instead to be nourished and we ensure that they flourish in the best possible way.

Just remember, we remain your key recruitment partner on the road towards a greater horizon ahead.

Quality Statement

We formulated a chart to ensure impressive service domain for the customers to bring their requirements to our notice at the hour of need. Now regardless of business size, customers are provided to be a part of our comely service environment.